2015 The Year Of Drake

Canada may be know for Maple Syrup but there is another sweet export coming from Toronto, Drake. 2015 will be remembered as the year that Toronto made a permanent mark on the R&B and hip hop scene.

The leader of the pack, who has skyrocketed onto the global international hip hop scene, is none other than the ruler himself, “Drake”. 2015 started out with a supernova for the multi talented artist when he released the album, “If you're Reading This It's Too Late,” in February. The album recorded a stunning 14 tracks that instantly charted 14 singles on Billboard's Hot 100. Only the Beetles achievecd such a stunning debut on Billboards Top 100.

Toronto’s proud native can also brag that he is the only rapper to reach Billboards Top 100. He also holds the record of 21 tracks on Billboards Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs. Drake and Meek Mill had a memorable beef in the two hugely popular Diss tracks,” A Time To Be Alive'',, a Future Colab which catapulted him into colab history.
Drake was blessed by Rolling Stone which officially named 2015 as the year of

Late in October, when Hotline Blings' video was released the social media interaction that spawned solidly placed the jewel of media guru into the rappers crown. With over 16 million Instagram followers it is no secret that Drake has permanently engraved his presence in 2015 as hip hop's most trending artist which billboard agreed by naming him as the hottest Hip Hop/R&B artist of the year.

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