7 Important Things To Learn From #Empire:

Have you tuned into Fox on Tuesday night, lately? There's a really good new tv show that's got some people talking about the rap music industry -- It's called Empire. It stars Terrance Howard, Taraji P. Henson, Gabourey Sidibe, huge name guest stars and a host of other really talented people. 

The writer Lee Daniels and the producers seem to be trying to recapture that "Hustle & Flow" magic from Terrance and Taraji. Great for them, it's working! The show is off to a great start with the season just getting started!

Besides the great cast, acting, writing, storyline... blah, blah blah. There's something else special going on with the show... it's educational to the Hip Hop community! How, you say?

1. Always Show Mama Love.
After all, she did give birth to you so you could become the ballin rapper that you are today. It'll definitely benefit you in the karma department.

I mean when little man man Hakeem called his mama out of her name we were all totally taken by surprise. What was more surprising is how she responded.

2. It's Not Wise Trying To Extort Sh*t From A Rap Mogul
Maybe you're on a label and you start to feel as that maybe things aren't equal. Well, there are a few ways to get what's yours--without being drastic... harder work... court... even Twitter

Remember, extortion is a federal crime for Federal time, but worse, you could end up chillin' with some carp or catfish somewhere. 

3. Practice More Than You Party.
Usually when an artist is new and just starting out, they see the party life of well established artists. They feel that they have arrived and should be able to live the same lifestyle. Not so much.

It's easy to forget that those rappers have paid their dues and already put in the hard work.
They've already lost countless hours of sleep, practiced until they lost their voices, endlessly beat the road, still lived broke while entertaining 10's of thousands, felt that huge pressure to perform and lost friends & family and got carpal tunnel from all the bills passed out to strippers,

So it's simple, practice or sound wack.

4. Learn To Listen To Others
Don't be so attached to your music that you dismiss everybody else's input. It's bad when an artist is in the studio and keeps repeating the same sad melodies, lyrics and rhymes. 

Be different! A lot of Producers and Artists get all wrapped up in ego and ignore great collaborations and advice from others... You don't want to miss out on that hit, do you?

5. If You Take Meds On A Daily Basis, Please Take Them
I don't mean rolling one up either. If a doctor has prescribed you some meds, it's a really good idea to not go off the farm. Wouldn't want you to have a Mike Tyson Chris Brown 
moment, right?

6. It's F**ked Up To Hate People Who Live A Different Lifestyle
We all want the same things, TO LIVE AND LET LIVE, right? I mean hey, Hip Hop culture was born out of the desire to be different and expressive of their real selves. 

Just because someone doesn't make the same lifestyle choices you do doesn't make them less music or talented than you. Sometimes when we judge, we miss opportunity to accomplish something great together.

It's also good to remember who your fans are -- They are everybody and ANYBODY that loves you and what you do. 

7. Promotion Can Be Very Expensive, So Get Creative
Getting the word out on your new single can be a challenge when your cash is limited. Most up and comers don't have a million dollar promo budget.

Some things to do are, check with Producers for their extras like promotional and website traffic services. You should definitely have a blog articles floating around... can't write well? Get some articles written on and lastly but not least, take full advantage of Youtube and Social Media.

Also, try shooting your video with green screen instead of trying to get an interesting location. You could even use that ugly bright green comforter that you aunt gave for Christmas. Just make sure it's nice and straight on the wall...

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  1. Great post, and never give up on your dreams, pdbeats.