So What's With the Bye Felicia Business?

Saying "Bye Felecia" is the latest way to express displeasure with something or someone. It's mostly an Urban and Hip Hop culture saying but it seems to be catching on all over; it's popping up in casual conversation, on tv, radio and the internet

How to use it properly? Well, for example, if somebody is completely getting on your nerves... You would simply tell them, "Bye Felecia!" and poof watch them disappear instantly! If your Twitter account login begins acting stupid and you're done trying to get in... Throw a "Bye Felicia" at it and watch the stress melt away... your account will certainly know how unhappy you are.

Where Did This Saying Come From?

Well that's a simple explanation. It comes from the urban cult classic movie, "Friday", which stars, Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, John Witherspoon, Faizon Love and a lovely lady named Angela Means (Kaaya).

In one scene, Ice Cube and Chris Tucker's characters, Craig Jones and Smokey are sitting and hanging when Felicia(Angela Means Kaaya) comes and sits between them.

Felicia: What ya'll doing?
Smokey: Nothing! What you want?
Felicia: Oh, I need to borrow your car right quick.
Smokey: What kind of shit is that? Most people wanna borrow sugar or even ketchup. You wanna borrow my car? Hell Naw! Get the Hell on!
Felicia: Well let me borrow a joint.
Smokey: You need to borrow a job with yo broke ass... Always tryna smoke up somebody's shit. Get the hell on Felecia!
Felecia: Imma remember that...
Smokey: Remember it, write it down, take a picture! I don't give a fvck!
Felecia: (Sucks teeth and rolls her eyes) Craig?
Craig: Bye Felecia.
Felicia: Y'all stingy. 

The phrase is being used everywhere, Social Media, clothing, memes and music. 

I think his side eye says it all.


Umm... yeah Nene.

Even Marilyn had people to dismiss.

  Dedicate this to your favorite Felecia     Felecia Top 



If @Shonda Rhimes; Writer, Producer and Showrunner extraordinaire can use it to respond to haters... It's safe to say that it's part of pop culture now.  Now quickly, go use your "Bye Felecia" powers to dismiss the someone or something that's has you tweaked.

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